Problem #2: NOT Understanding How Crypto Is Taxed…(Then Owe A Lot More Tax)

How is Crypto taxed?

Let’s test your knowledge:

  • Is exchanging crypto for dollars a taxable event?
  • Is exchanging crypto for other virtual currencies a taxable event?
  • Is there a tax when you buy goods and services with cryptocurrency?
  • Does a transfer between wallets create a tax?
  • Do you have to pay taxes when you’re paid in Crypto?
  • Do you know the situations and circumstances when you do not owe taxes  on your virtual currency?
  • In what situations are Hard Forks, Air Drops coins received from an ICO, NFTS, staking income, mining income taxed and not taxed?
  • When do you need to file a FATCA form with your tax return? 
  • In what situation must you include a form 8275 disclosure statement for your crypto tax return?
  • What about moving your crypto from one exchange to another?

How is Crypto taxed on all these questions?…

Every time  a coin or token is sold, exchanged or used to purchase goods or services a capital transaction happens. The profit or loss from every transaction is reported on form 8949 which then flow to a schedule d then to your individual return on your 1040.

This fundamental fact determines how much tax you pay on Crypto gains.

Unfortunately, I see too many miners, investors and Crypto traders wait until they have a huge tax liability and a big problem with the IRS. The issue threatens bring down an otherwise lucrative mining, investor or trading enterprise BEFORE getting Crypto tax help.

If you don’t have the time or interest in learning how much tax you pay on Crypto gains to fulfill your legal requirements, find a professional that specializes in Crypto tax and accounting to do it for you.

Knowing how much tax you pay on Crypto gains in the U.S. is only one issue people struggle with. Be Sure To watch all 8 Major Crypto Taxation Problems for investors, traders, miners and other virtual currency related enterprises. And the solution to these problems.

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