crypto tax prep service

Crypto Tax Return Prep Service:

for Individuals, Crypto Investors, Traders, Miners, DeFi and Business Entities (LLC, S-Corps, C-Corps, Partnerships)

You can Cut-Your-Crypto Tax. — Get Your Crypto Tax Returns Done 100% Accurate And Hassle-Free Now!

  • You get all Crypto loopholes you qualify for (that are 100% legally allowed per IRS tax code) on your individual form 1040, schedule C, 1120s, or C-Corp tax returns.
  • I identify all deductions and tax breaks that apply to your circumstances in a 73-point check. This guarantees all opportunities to cut-your-crypto tax has been examined. (No stone has gone unturned!) — You’re guaranteed NOT to leave any tax deductions or tax breaks on the table.
  • Your Crypto tax accountant, Mark Robert holds the Advanced Crypto Tax Expert (ACT-E) professional tax and accounting designation.
  • Your tax returns and accounting will be 100% accurate and correctly done! — I take the extra time to go through your situation and tax return with a “fine toothed brush.” I do multiple 2nd and 3rd “comprehensive quality checks.” — You’re 100% guaranteed no errors of any kind!
  • You see we take the stress, frustration and fear out of preparing and filing your Cryptocurrency tax returns.
  • You save massive time, achieve ‘peace of mind‘ and sleep well at night — as you delegate your Crypto tax and accounting hassles and burden to me.

Results Tax Accountants Provides Crypto Tax Prep Service for:

  • Individuals 1040
  • Sole Proprietorship Taxes – Schedule C 
  • S-Corporation – Form 1120-S 
  • C-Corp Tax Preparation – Form 1120
  • Partnerships – Schedule K-1, Form 1065

Discover how to cut-your-crypto tax and build your crypto wealth faster and easier than you thought possible.

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