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7 Critical Problems a Crypto CPA Can Help You Solve (And Make Your Life Easier). Plus, Do NOT Miss This “9-Step Process” To Find And Choose The Best CPAs for Cryptocurrency…

As of 2022, 21% of American adults have owned cryptocurrency. It’s become so big, you can hear whispers of “Bitcoin” and “mining” from people far removed from the crypto world. Google searches of “crypto CPA near me” have spiked. There’s universal interest in virtual currency. At this point, investors of all kinds are actively entering […]


Would A Crypto Tax Advisor Help Me Save Money In Taxes (Or Not Make Any Difference)?…

As the popularity and use of cryptocurrency continue to grow, so do the questions surrounding its taxation. One aspect many crypto owners often overlook is the tax implications of their holdings. Unfortunately, this oversight can have serious consequences. Of course, it’s never intentional to leave a part of your income unreported or make mistakes while […]

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Problem #6: Best Crypto Tax Software? Read This Before You Face ‘Hair-Yanking’ Frustration

The best Crypto tax software has sales and marketing that suggests all you have to do is upload a spreadsheet, push a button and all your transaction will be correctly calculated and reconciled for gains/losses… …Nothing could be further from the truth! That is, unless you have just a few simple Cryptocurrency transactions each year. […]

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Problem #4: 3 Common Crypto Tax Mistakes – How To Avoid IRS Problems…(Audits, Huge Fines, Penalties, Interest)

Crypto tax mistakes occur for a variety of reasons. In my day-to-day work as a Cryptocurrency tax accountant, I see the following issues… Miscalculations of capital gain/loss are common among non-tax professionals when analyzing transactions without the proper methods. A person could end up having a higher tax liability due to complex calculations done incorrectly. […]

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