Crypto Tax Accounting Service:

for Individuals, Crypto Investors, Trader, Miners, DeFi and Business Entities

Crypto Tax Accounting Service:

  • Break-through overwhelm due to the vast amount of crypto transactions you have.
  • Rid yourself of ‘hair-pulling’ frustration reconciling hundreds (or thousands) of transactions each month….
Only to second guess if you’ve done it correct!
  • Avoid having to figure-out Crypto software at 2:30am when your taxes are due. — It’s often incompatible with all cryptocurrencies, all exchanges, has bugs and requires time-wasting workarounds…
…In the end, crypto software may force you to manually input hundreds or thousands of transactions (by hand). — Yuk. …Plus, tax software may NOT provide the Crypto  accounting method that gives you the lowest tax.
  • Get this tedious burden off your plate now!…
Delegate your Cryptocurrency tax accounting to a specialized Crypto tax accountant. — I’ll do all the brain-breaking work you don’t want to!
  • You get eye-opening reports professionally prepared for you  to avoid surprises.
  • Your Crypto records are ‘airtight,’ (to help you prevail) in the event of an IRS or state tax dept audit.

We’ll Clean Your Crypto Books up and Keep them Clean.

Great Crypto tax accounting and reconciliation of transactions is the foundation of your success.

Could You Benefit From This Help?…

Take the pain and ‘time-stealing’ process of Crypto transaction bookkeeping and accounting off your plate. Delegate it to me.

Let’s determine if I’m a good fit to help you. (I’m a nice guy.)

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  • 100% Guaranteed: You get all tax and accounting related services accurately and professionally completed (by Mark Robert, crypto tax accountant and team)…

…So you can relax, ‘melt your stress’ and put-this-burden-behind you (quicker and easier than you thought possible)!