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My name is Mark Buckingham, crypto tax accountant, advisor and owner of Results Tax Accountants. I’m also a frequent stock market and cryptocurrency investor and trader. Therefore, I understand cryptocurrency comprehensively and not just from an accounting and tax perspective.

Results Tax Accountants is a team of crypto tax CPAs, cryptocurrency specialized accountants, Enrolled Agents (IRS credentialed professional) and cryptocurrency tax advisors

You get an ‘all-in-one,’ comprehensive, “one stop shop” for all your cryptocurrency tax and accounting needs. 

It’s my mission to serve YOU (my clients) in a personalized, one-on-one way. I want to help you plan your crypto activities through tax planning and tax strategies, so you can reduce your total annual tax burden. 

…This is how I help you cut-your-crypto tax and build tax efficient wealth!

  • We remove ‘hair-pulling’ frustration and time consuming crypto transaction accounting reconciliation process needed to start a crypto tax return.
  • You get air tight documentation required to prevail in an IRS audit or state tax dept examination (with our crypto transaction bookkeeping help). 
  • Get a 100% accurate, hassle-free crypto tax return professionally prepared and filed for you.
  • You gain peace of mind and drop your stress! -Our clients know they are always in legal compliance with the IRS and state tax authority and sleep well at night

…That’s is how you eliminate blood-boiling frustration. It’s how you get wasted-time off your plate (that’s typical when dealing with taxes and accounting work) and cut-you-crypto tax.

Delegate this horrible hassle. Don’t try doing this tedious transaction accounting work yourself. Avoid attempting learn IRS crypto tax law from scratch at 2:30am in the morning when you have more important things to do. Outsource all your crypto transactions accounting and crypto tax reporting to us. Focus on what you like to do and are best at!

Let’s see if we’re a good fit to help you cut-your-crypto tax and build tax efficient wealth. Please schedule a brief call and find out.

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