Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions new clients have.

Absolutely, that’s what I do. I help businesses and individuals (YOU) with all crypto related tax preparation, reporting, accounting/bookeeping and tax planning to help you cut-your-crypto tax.

You bet. That’s what I do. I have more advanced crypto transaction and accounting software.

I over 5 years of experience helping you accurately reconcile all your crypto transactions. That is, even if you have hundreds/thousands of transactions over multiple exchanges, used several different wallets, exchanged between various types of cryptocurrencies, I will get it done correctly for you.

The fee or pricing will depend on the complexity of your crypto transactions and how much time it takes my team and I.  

We are a specialized boutique firm that focuses on Cryptocurrency tax and accounting expertise. Virtual currency tax returns are more complex, require more time and sophistication to be accurate and make the IRS satisfied. 

If you’re shopping for the lowest cost tax preparer or tax service, we probably are not the best fit. A lot of tax preparers will take any type of specialized tax return whether they know what they’re doing or not.

The only way to give you a specific rate is to schedule a brief call for a free tax analysis. Then you and I will determine if we are a good fit to serve you. If I do not think I’m the best tax professional to help you, I’ll happily refer you to a colleague to ensure your tax and accounting needs are met at the highest level.

After confirming you and I are a good fit to provide the highest quality of service and help, I will happily give you all the pricing info you need.

I have been helping crypto tax and accounting businesses and individuals with ‘high-level’ tax planning,  bookeeping/accounting and preparing/filing tax returns for 5+ years.

I have been an professional accountant and tax advisor to individuals and ecommerce businesses for over 17 years.

Further, all my accounting and tax professionals on my team are either CPAs or “Enrolled Agents” with many years of specialized education and experience in this specialized area of crypto accounting and taxation.

If you’ve overlooked something or made an honest mistake, the best approach is to be proactive and amend any previous year’s inaccuracies. You’ll have a much better outcome than if you wait for the IRS or state tax dept to find those transactions. Then it could be tax fraud.

Normally that would be a big issue because not having the proper Crypto tax records can result in paying tremendously more in federal and state taxes. However, an experienced Crypto tax professional can assist you in accurately recovering lost/missing transaction data, so you can meet your legal and tax reporting requirements with the IRS and state tax authority.

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