Crypto And Taxes

Cryptocurrency And Taxes – A Beginner’s Guide

Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrencies and Taxes Cryptocurrencies have fundamentally changed the way we operate. They present solutions to problems previously thought of as unsolvable and are offering a more efficient and inclusive financial system. It’s truly remarkable what these digital tokens have been able to accomplish in such a short time frame. However, one area […]

Problem #8: NOT Knowing How To Legally Cut-Your-Crypto Tax…(Consequences = Paying $ Thousands Of Dollars More Than You Owe Each Year)

Want to know “How to avoid taxes on Crypto” capital gains? There are a lot of ways you can reduce or cut your Crypto taxes with a little strategy and planning. It all depends on your specific situation, business, or personal financial goals. Some basic ways to reduce your Crypto tax liability are: Tax Loss […]

Problem #6: Best Crypto Tax Software? Read This Before You Face ‘Hair-Yanking’ Frustration

The best Crypto tax software has sales and marketing that suggests all you have to do is upload a spreadsheet, push a button and all your transaction will be correctly calculated and reconciled for gains/losses… …Nothing could be further from the truth! That is, unless you have just a few simple Cryptocurrency transactions each year. […]

Problem #4: 3 Common Crypto Tax Mistakes – How To Avoid IRS Problems…(Audits, Huge Fines, Penalties, Interest)

Crypto tax mistakes occur for a variety of reasons. In my day-to-day work as a Cryptocurrency tax accountant, I see the following issues… Miscalculations of capital gain/loss are common among non-tax professionals when analyzing transactions without the proper methods. A person could end up having a higher tax liability due to complex calculations done incorrectly. […]

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